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Новини - Останні новини

Alcohol, tobacco, drugs? Which from these things did you admit in your life? And why? Curiosity, aspiring to the unusual feelings, influence of surroundings, fear?

Does not it tepefy by more “experimental” comrades and complemented by own self-confidence and at times naivety? Does not your desire to test the unusual feelings, make an attempt something increase, about what know other, not to look a white crow?

Possibly, absence of knowledges in the complete measure about the consequences of the use of the above enumerated matters, and also values and priorities are twisted become beneficial soil for influence of information, which creates your positive attitude toward an alcohol, smoking and drugs.

A long ago are already became usual that, for example, smoking is able to cause the cancer of lights, heavy cardiovascular diseases, problems with potency for men etc. It is well-proven that all of more than 50% diseases which are reason of death of smokers are on the stake of the higher thought cardiovascular diseases. More than 80 % patients, which suffer the chronic disease of stomach and duodenum, are smokers. Death rate from the shrine of lights among smokers in 20 times higher, than among those, whoever smokes.

Smokers are in 13 times more frequent ill on a stenocardia (disease of heart) and in 10 times more frequent - on ulcerous illness of stomach. As a rule, a smoker lives on 6-8 years less than, than his person of the same the age, which does not smoke.

Lungs of healthy person Lungs of smoker

Lungs of healthy person

Lungs of smoker

But it for some reason frightens nobody. Through ununderstanding, blind imitation a fashion, adults, persons of the same the age, you begin to smoke - at first do one inhaling, smoke out one cigarette, and then reach after an ominous pack over and over. And so smoking becomes habit. And to begin smoking far easier than to abandon. You will not understand - and it will continue to kill you: slowly, painlessly. However much consequences painless will not be and you never will be able to turn the time back.

A not less danger is carried by the use and abuse of strong waters, especially in juvenile and youth age, which consists in the origin of alcoholic dependence which gradually passes to the heavy diseases - alcoholism, - and shows up in the irreversible defeat of cns and all of organs and systems. Psychical changes, which are accompanied depression, malicious, crabbiness, develop. An alcoholic becomes indifferent to work, family and children, the decline of emotional activity comes.

Even if you use an alcohol one time on a year, it already systematic. He will not spare you however. An alcohol similarly pitilessly will destroy your organism, and together with that is your life. And it is just a demonstration of one of the great number of him destructive actions:

Brain of healthy person Brain of alcoholic

Brain of healthy person

Brain of alcoholic

But most frightful among baneful habits for a man all the same there is the use of drugs. Drugs influence on a man scalene. They block all of feelings, both pleasant and undesirable. And although drugs can have the brief desired result in the cases when it is needed to manage with pain, they destroy capabilities and playfulness of mind and darken ideas. Drugs influence and force a man to perceive everything slowly or to feel dull, and result in a volume, that it tests failures in life. When all more failures become and life becomes all heavier, a man aims to accept yet more drugs, what tries to manage with the problems. But when an action a drug is halted, a man swiftly falls yet below than was before. Eventually drugs will prang everything and main — your life.

Certainly you have to decide. You are the master of your life. Therefore, manage them wisely!

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