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Новини - Останні новини

On the 21-22 of September among the students of the first course took place the engineering competitions under the name «Expert». Participants were become an 8 commands from every institute of VNTU.

The purpose of competitions was to create a mechanism on a theme which was given. The evaluation of command “inventions” was executed by judges. In addition, participants got possibility to estimate their competitors.

Participants task was to stood two tasks: to realize a “Second of animation” and “Dead Loop”. For the first job processing it was given 45 min., and for the second one – 100 min. All needed elements were given: dense paper, Scotch tape, staples and buttons, elastics, tube, plastic glass, electric motor, battery, marble, screw bolts, screwdriver, knife, crayons and markers.


Commands from InITCE executed both tasks. For the first task a command made a “televisional floor-lamp”. A construction reminded a floor-lamp, on which a few pictures were drawn on and with at a rotation of floor-lamp their created animation. As an ax was was utillized tube which took place on a basis of a piece of foam plastic, a turn was created by elastic, which was fastened to the landmark and to the basic part of floor-lamp, and winded on an wax, that gave energies for motion. Such elements were used: paper, Scotch tape, tube, foam plastic, glass, elastic, screw bolts and drown picture.

In the second task it was needed to built the “Dead Loop”. For support and platform were used a foam plastic, from a dense paper and Scotch tape were made a chamfer from which unscrewed loops. InITCE command complicated a construction and at a start a marble passed a loop then sudden turn, and farther went down on a spiral, which was done in the construction of foam plastic.

Having took the honoured 2 place, InITCE command entered to the first three of prizewinners, with what we congratulate participants!

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