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Новини - Останні новини

Evening of the delight, gladness, surprise and loud applause, - just like it is possible to name an evening, devoted a duty competition “The Student’s autumn 2010”.

Festive began at 18.00. Dancing ballet the “Dance Eden” came forward with original composition “All of us are different, but wonderful”.

A competition began farther. The program was prolonged by the InITCE command headed by the leaders Morozova Vladislava (1CE-10) and Daleky Yuriy (1CE-10).

Leading holiday Max Strel'bickiy and Grechkosiy Natalya

Leading holiday

Max Strel'bickiy and Grechkosiy Natalya

The first participant of competition Max Strel'bickiy (1PE-10) at once rotined an audience and judges, that InITCE prepared this year very well. Max masterly executed the jazz composition “Waltz for Natasha”. A judge estimated the game of Max deservingly, and we are welcome him with a victory. The next instrumental number “Shindler's List” also caused quite a bit pleasant emotions and support of hall. Thanks to Max Strel'bickiy (fortepiano) and Grechkosiy Natalia (1CS-10) (violin) for beautiful collective work.

Vasiliy Pasternak made an attempt to conquer an audience by the author poem (2CS-10).

Vasiliy Pasternak Zelenska Evgenia

Vasiliy Pasternak

Zelenska Evgenia

A next participant sent a hall in 70 distant. Song of Velvet of underground - “After of hours” in execution of Zelenska Evgenia (1CE-10) got great sufficient success from the audience. Zhenya showed not only beautiful vocal but also skilful game on a guitar.

It is impossible to leave the actor capabilities of our participants out of the eyeshot: Lischuk Alexandr (1PE-10), Balanenko Anton (1PE-10), Sivec' Oksana (2PE-10), Oleksyuk Maria (1PE-10), Bilokonnа Katerina (2PE-10), Dan'kovska Olga (1PE-10). By the fairy-tale “How did Vasiliy university choose? ” the author’s collective of INITKI showed outstanding talent of our students-freshmen.

Lischuk Alexandr, Balanenko Anton, Sivec Oksana, Oleksyuk Maria, Bilokonnа Katerina and  Dan'kovska Olga Kolevatikh Viktoriya

Lischuk А., Balanenko А., Sivec О., Oleksyuk М., Bilokonnа Е. and Dan'kovska О.

Kolevatikh Viktoriya

The next participant Kolevatikh Viktoriya (1CE-10) with lightness conquered the hearts of the strong half of the hall by the graceful inflammatory east dance.

Did not stop to surprise the audience Evgenia Zelenska – jointly with Leleka V’yacheslav (1CE-10), they skilfully carried out well known music composition of the “Gold the classics” - “Joke” by J. S. Bach.

Zelenska Evgeniya and Leleka Vyacheslav Blidchenko Yuriy

Zelenska Evgeniya and Leleka Vyacheslav

Blidchenko Yuriy

Blidchenko Yuriy (2CS-10) completed the competitive program from the INITCE participants. With the extraordinary trade he carried out еру work of Milan Dvorzhak “Etude №6”, for what he had got a favour not only from the side of the audience but also from judge. Welcome Yuriy with victory!

Once again thank all of the participants for wonderful appearance. And also to Bass Artem (1CS-10em), Zaveruha Elena (1PI-10em), Saval'chuk Tetyana (1PE-08) and Grischenko Alexander (1PE-07) for a help in organization and leadthrough of the holiday.

We wish them successes and inspiration in subsequent work!

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