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На ФІТКІ з 2019-2020 н.р. впроваджено НОВІ бакалаврські ОСВІТНІ ПРОГРАМИ:

«СИСТЕМНЕ ПРОГРАМУВАННЯ» у рамках спеціальності 123 «Комп’ютерна інженерія»,прийом 25 осіб на денну форму навчання

«КІБЕРБЕЗПЕКА КРИТИЧНИХ СИСТЕМ» у рамках спеціальності 125 «Кібербезпека»,прийом 25 осіб на денну форму навчання

Факультет готує висококваліфікованих фахівців галузі знань 12- Інформаційні технології за освітніми програмами Бакалаврату, Магістратури, Аспірантури зі спеціальностей:

121 Інженерія програмного забезпечення /кафедра Програмного забезпечення - /

122 Комп’ютерні науки /кафедра Комп’ютерних наук -

123 Комп’ютерна інженерія /кафедра Обчислювальної техніки -

  • освітня програма - Комп’ютерна інженерія
  • освітня програма - Системне програмування

125 Кібербезпека /кафедра Захисту інформації - /

  • освітня програма - Безпека інформаційних і комунікаційних систем
  • освітня програма - Кібербезпека критичних систем

Ґрунтовну математичну підготовку студентів забезпечує кафедра Вищої математики-

Корисні посилання

Журнал  "Інформаційні технології та комп'ютерна інженерія" Науково-технічний центр "Аналого-цифрові системи" Науково-технічна конференція підрозділів ВНТУ - ФІТКІ Локальна мережева академія CISCO ВНТУ Конференція «Методи та засоби кодування, захисту й ущільнення інформації» Кафедра ОТ у мережі Facebook

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23-24 March 2010 held Ukrainian competition of student research papers in the direction of "Information, Computing and Automation". Competition Commission examined 164 student research papers received from 58 higher education institutions. At the final of the conference acted 42 students from 29 universities. Based on the analysis of competitive works and speeches of the participants of the conference Industrial Commission awarded the participants with diplomas of the contestants of I, II, III degree.

With diploma of I degree awarded: Dyvak T.M. (Ternopil National Economic University), Fesyoha V.V., Golovko A.A. (Military Institute of Telecommunications and Informatization of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute"), Surova A.G. (Donetsk National Technical University),
Fedchenko E.V. (Sumy State University), Morozova E.F. (Sevastopol National Technical University), Dudnik A.V., Hodzhaniyazov I.K. 1609(Vinnitsa National Technical University), Melnychuk E.D. (Kharkiv National University of radioelectronics), Kurin K.A. (National Aviation University), Gavenko O.V., Stetsenko T. S., Pavlyshyn S.A. (Vinnytsia National Technical University).

Chairman of the industry of the competition committee: Grabko V.V. Members of the industry of the competition committee: Azarov O. D., Tkachenko A.N., Petuh A.M., Luzhetskyy V.A., Perevoznikov S.I., Dyvak M.P., Gorohovsky A.I., Maydanyuk B.P., Obidnik D.T., Semerenko V.P., Dudatev A.V., Kolesnik J.S.
Eugene Melnychuk, a student of Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics, readily agreed to share his impressions of the competition.
- First of all, we have have clarified the results of our work in the preparation for ourselves of talking points, we re-evaluated our results and prepared a new, one more time convinced in the efficiency of our criteria. Personally I was disappointed that many participants on the question: "What scientific result?", say: "The software allows you to perform..." That is, there is no scientific result, some have noticed him, and for a few of them has been so, that you can see something new. Most offered a ready-made method, which can be subsequently used.

- Did the competition acquit of the competition your expectations?
-Regardless of the result, we obtained good results for ourselves, tried to share them with the scientific world, to highlight the relevant topic. Nowadays it opened a national contest for encryption standard. From our institute, the department received 5 of 6, the sixth from Kiev. Actually, I was satisfied that he was able to convey the idea to the people.
- Did you like the cultural program?

- I liked the tour: we saw the museum of Tchaikovsky, the beautiful Brailov Monastery, Museum of M.I. Pirogov. In general, we have taken very well. Thank Kolesnik Irina Sergiyvna that she had told and showed us lots of exciting and unforgettable! Thank you that had interested!

Vasilevska Antonina, a student of the Kyiv Trade and Economic Institute:

- Participation in Ukrainian competition of scientific works - is the acquisition of good experience. My theme is: "Establishing a system of complex estimation adviser of financial state of enterprises. I'm going to continue to develop its scientific direction. Especially I liked the conference that it represented a great variety of topics, I enthusiastically listened to each speaker. The only thing - not enough time-manager, which would define a time limit on questions of each participant. I am delighted with the trip that we had. We visited the picturesque places Vinnitchina.


Tkachenko Oleksandr Mykolayovych:
"Ukrainian competition is held here for the fifth time. Interestingly, the first contest was filed a little more than 50 works, and the final conference came fifteen finalists. Now those numbers have increased about threefold. But just as in the beginning, the jury is very meticulously examines and evaluates the submitted reports. Especially I would like to commend the work of the Jury Head of the Section of Informatics Prof. Mykola Petrovych Dyvak (Ternopil National Economic University). His brilliant erudition and broad scientific outlook allowed him to instantly identify critical aspects and bottlenecks in almost any job. Besides his questions and criticisms were essentially just a job rather than formal moments. Curious was the reaction of participants. When some of the comments they met "in arms", which in itself is not bad, then with the words of Mykola Petrovych they were clearly listening. I am sure that it is a serious analysis would contribute to building and professional growth of future scientists. Although why the future? In the unanimous opinion of the jury members, some of the submitted works now "pulled" on his thesis".

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