Факультет інформаційних технологій
та компютерної інженерії

Вінницького національного
технічного університету

Факультет готує висококваліфікованих фахівців галузі знань 12- Інформаційні технології за освітніми програмами Бакалаврату, Магістратури, Аспірантури зі спеціальностей:

121 Інженерія програмного забезпечення /кафедра Програмного забезпечення - /

122 Комп’ютерні науки /кафедра Комп’ютерних наук -

123 Комп’ютерна інженерія /кафедра Обчислювальної техніки -

125 Кібербезпека, спеціалізація - Безпека інформаційних і комунікаційних систем /кафедра Захисту інформації - /

Ґрунтовну математичну підготовку студентів забезпечує кафедра Вищої математики-

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Основна інформація

The InITCE prepares experts in fields of knowledge:

0501 - Computer Science and Computer Facilities;

1701 - Information Safety;

according to directions of preparation of bachelors: on specialities:

6.050101 - Computer Sciences;

“ Intellectual Systems of Decision-Making ”;

6.050102 - Computer Engineering;

“ Computer Systems and Networks ”;

6.050103 - Program Engineering;

“ The Software of the Automated Systems ”;

6.170101- Safety of Information and Communication Systems;

“ Protection of the Information in Computer Systems and Networks ”;

6.170103 - Management of Information Safety;

“Administrative management in sphere of protection of the information with the limited access ”;

according to specializations:

- « Intellectual Information Technologies of Data Processing in Systems of Monitoring and the Control »;
- « Intellectual Information Technologies in Systems of Processing of the Economic Information ».


At Institute there are full - time and correspondence forms of tuition. Educational process occurs both behind the state order, and behind the contract. The licensed quantity of places for receipt at Institute on specialities numbers:ciscoclass2

  In total Including behind the state order
6.050101 65 persons 30 persons


60 persons 30 persons
6.050103 60 persons 20 persons
6.170101 40 persons 15 persons
6.170103 40 persons 15 persons
Всього: 265 persons 110 persons

Admittance at the first course of education by the program of educational training of bachelor to all areas of training competitive selection is carried out by entering the amount of balls on display in the certificate UCEQV the Ukrainian language and literature (compulsory), mathematics (compulsory) and Physics or Chemistry (profile) ( the choice of entering), issued in the coming year or for the results of entrance exams (for the category of persons defined by 5.4, 5.5 of section V of the Rules of admission to VNTU for 2010) and the average ball of the paper on the full general secondary education, rounded to one decimal ball (on a 12-point scale). Estimates of the document on the full general secondary education of the 5-point scale, recorded as follows: "3" corresponds to "6", "4" corresponds to "9", "5" corresponds to "12".

To participate in the competition for places the public order to all areas of training accept certificates UCEQV in physics or chemistry (at the option of entering) the number of balls is not below 140 (on a scale of estimation of 100 to 200 points) and below 124 in math and the Ukrainian language and literature and documents on the full general secondary education with an average mark was no less than 6 points (on 12-point scale assessment).
To participate in the competition for places, funded by artificial  persons and individual persons in all areas of training UCEQV accept certificates on the Ukrainian language and literature, mathematics and physics or chemistry (at the option of entering) the number of balls is not below 124 (on a scale of evaluation of 100 up to 200 points).

Individuals who have received education and qualification level bachelor's degree in the relevant direction of training in the current academic year VNTU, regardless of funding sources and forms of education are eligible to participate in the general competition for education and qualification level of a specialist or Master of Engineering subject to these conditions:

- To place state orders in the first place taken by individuals who were trained by educational training program for the Bachelor in the  VNTU on public form of training and have the average of the diploma supplement and estimate of the final exam in a foreign language, not less than 4,0;
- When deciding on admission also takes into account the scientific work and participation in social and sporting life of the university, which take into account developments in the factor to divide by two the sum of the average ball applications to the bachelor's degree and estimate of the final exam in a foreign language (in the range from 0,5 to 1).

Admission and acceptance of educational training programs for Masters research direction is carried out in accordance with the "Regulations on the Procedure for Master in VNTU."

Persons who have received education and qualification level bachelor's degree in the relevant direction of training in VNTU in previous years or in another university, to participate in the overall competition but the conditions specified in the preceding paragraph, it is necessary to be interviewed on the program of those disciplines that have been studied on the bachelor's program  training VNTU and have not been studied in other universities, whose results are evaluated on a 5-point scale and added to the sum of the average ball the diploma supplement and estimate of the final exam in a foreign language with the division by three.

magistryDuring transfer in VNTU in the Institute of Information Technologies and Computer Engineering in 2009 behind those certificates the Ukrainian Center of Education Qualities Valuation on mathematics, the Ukrainian language and the literature on corresponding directions the general lowest passing score was such:

6.050101 - "Computer Sciences" - 342 points,

6.050102 - "Computer Engineering" - 345 points,

6.050103 - "Program Engineering" - 342,5 points ,

6.170101 - "Safety of Infomation and Communication Systems" -338 points,

6.170103 - "Management of Information Safety" - 348,5 points.

More detailed information about rules of reception in VNTU for 2010 read here


We wait for you in our institute!

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