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Факультет готує висококваліфікованих фахівців галузі знань 12- Інформаційні технології за освітніми програмами Бакалаврату, Магістратури, Аспірантури зі спеціальностей:

121 Інженерія програмного забезпечення /кафедра Програмного забезпечення - /

122 Комп’ютерні науки /кафедра Комп’ютерних наук -

123 Комп’ютерна інженерія /кафедра Обчислювальної техніки -

125 Кібербезпека, спеціалізація - Безпека інформаційних і комунікаційних систем /кафедра Захисту інформації - /

Ґрунтовну математичну підготовку студентів забезпечує кафедра Вищої математики-

Ukrainian Student Olympiad on programming in 2009
Friday, 18 September 2009 22:37


 Between 9 and 13 September in Vinnytsia National Technical University held open the final All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad programming, which includes 27 best teams of Ukraine from 142 teams that played in the semifinals. In addition, participants in the final two teams from Georgia: Tbilisi State University team and a team of Georgian University. St. Andrew the First called Patriarchate of Georgia, and the team from the Technical University of Moldova. Additionally, out of competition in the finals by the team of Lviv National University. Franko, a former world championship gold medalist in programming, and a team of physical and mathematical school number 17 (as vocational measure).

Solemn dedication in freshmen of VNTU
Monday, 31 August 2009 19:39



On August, 31, 2009 to  10 hour on a stadium the name of Y. І. Kulyka took place sainted dedications in freshmen of VNTU.

Another unforgettable trip
Monday, 03 August 2009 19:01

Hike in the Crimean mountains, our 11students feel a real satisfaction from the first course regularly come to the peninsula to climb the peaks. This year students group MN-08 Vladimir Rybak, Julia Slobodyanyuk, Oleg Suhonosov, Alexander Boiko, Elena Smirnova and Sergey Krutin (group AMZ-06), led by Vadim Lipskij went into the mountains on May holidays.








The results of the pleading of students of InITCE on Ukrainian amateurs and competitions in academy year of 2008 – 2009
Monday, 06 July 2009 21:34

The academic year of 2008 – 2009 is finishing and we can resume of presentations of students of InITCE on the Ukrainian competitions of student research works and Ukrainian amateurs. So, in which scientific competitions took part our students and how did they come out.         




A sportswoman, a activist and simply a beauty!
Friday, 12 June 2009 16:48
Юлія Колівошко

Julia Kolivoshko is a student of group 1AMЗ-04 and is going for rhythmic gymnastics during 15 years. She is a master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics, the champion of the region and  a  participant of international tournaments. She was invited to the sports school of Derjugina in Kyiv,  where Olympic champions are training. Julia is giving her experience to the growing generation, that is, engaging in training for last 5 years. We saw this beautiful gymnast many times on the stage of our university with original performances. She is very strong, self – restrained, purposeful and it’s striking. Julia is not going to leave sports, moreover, she says “I can not imagine my life without rhythmic gymnastic”.

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